Why is a Health History Intake form important?

The health intake form is important because it gives your massage therapist vital information regarding your health history. This information helps your massage therapist to form a good idea about your session and the areas that may or may not need to be worked. Also, massage therapy is always appropriate for everyone. There are medical conditions that could be a contraindication for massage therapy. In some cases, a doctor written approval may be required for massage therapy. If you feel that you might have a medical condition that may be a contraindication for massage therapy, please feel free to call our office for additional information.

Do you have male and female massage therapists?

At this time, our massage therapists are female.

Our primary lotion is an organic unscented lotion. We do occasionally use a rice bran oil for those who do not want lotion. Our aromatherapy oils are all therapeutic grade Young Living Oils.

What type of lotion/oil do you use?

After completing the health history intake form, your massage therapist will take you to one of our therapy rooms to discuss the information on your intake form. Your therapist will ask you questions about any injuries/soreness and medical conditions and answer any questions you might have. Your therapist will then explain to you that they will exit the room while you get on the table and that they will knock prior to entering the therapy room.

It is my first massage, what can I expect?

A Classic Swedish massage is a revitalizing session that focuses on the whole body and does not focus on one area. A Classic Swedish massage helps with overall circulation.  A Deep Tissue/Integrated massage is a custom massage using a variety of massage therapy modalities. A Deep Tissue/Integrated can still be an overall relaxing massage with focus on “problem” areas. Just a side note, there is technically no such thing as a “Deep Tissue” massage. Every person is different, what is deep to one person may not be deep to another. A little discomfort can happen during a Deep Tissue/Integrated session while your massage therapist is working on a “problem” area. But that discomfort should never cause you to hold your breath or tense up during your session. If it does, let your massage therapist know right away so that they can alter their pressure.

What is the difference between Swedish and Deep Tissue/Integrated Massage?

No. Your massage therapist will explain that you will need to undress to your comfort level when they leave the therapy room. During your massage you do remain covered and our tables are heated. Your therapist will only un-drape one area at a time, then re-drape that area before moving onto a new area. Our tables are dressed with sheets and a medium weight blanket. The blanket acts as a boundary line for you and the massage therapist. You will be able to feel where that blanket is draped and securely know that the sheet will not be pulled past that boundary line.

Do I need to completely undress for my session?

Most important thing to remember during your massage is to be comfortable and relax. It is your session. If at any time you become uncomfortable just let your massage therapist know. Your massage therapist will greatly appreciate knowing if you are uncomfortable with the amount of pressure/table temperature, etc. You do not need to talk to your massage therapist during your session. It is very normal to focus on your massage and just relax, your massage therapist will not find it strange or rude if you do not talk during your session. However, if you do enjoying talking and want to talk to your massage therapist then please feel free to do so. Once again, it is your session. Every person is unique in how they are able to relax.

What do I do during my massage? Do I talk to my massage therapist?

Each person is different and experiences a variety of benefits from massage therapy. Commonly most people are extremely relaxed after a massage. It is normal to feel an increase in energy after your initial period of feeling extremely relaxed. Depending on your reason for receiving massage therapy, some people are relieved of muscle aches and pains, reduced muscle tension and increased range of motion, which may last for days. You may also feel like your lighter, standing taller, have more energy and/or feel more productive. These results can last for several days.

What can I expect after my massage therapy session?

24-hour notification is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment.

Missed appointments without notifcation are subject to a $10 fee.

Arriving late for a service may require shortening the length of the treatment.

What is your cancellation/late-arrival policy?