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Yoga Class Schedule

Monday: 9:30am Yoga Fundamentals/Yoga 101 w/Jaime Miceli 12:15pm Lunchtime Yoga w/Meditation w/Jacquelyn Cotey - 11/4

Tuesday: 10:30am Chair Yoga w/ Marlene Runyard - On Going 5:30pm Flow For All w/Jaime Miceli

Wednesday: 5:15pm Basic Yoga w/Laura Ries

Friday: 10:00am Basic Yoga w/Laura Ries

Saturday: 8:30am Yoga Fundamentals/Yoga 101 w/ Jaime Miceli 9:30am Flow for All w/Jaime Miceli

Sunday: 1:00pm Kid’s Yoga (ages 6-12) w/Jaime Miceli 2:15pm Caregiver Yoga w/Jaime Miceli

Now Offering Reiki!

Reiki is a subtle and effective form of energy work. It is believed that a person’s energy (ki) should be strong and free flowing. When the energy becomes blocked or weak it could lead to symptoms of physical and emotional imbalance. Reiki recharges, aligns and harmonizes; thus helping to reduce stress, frustration and fatigue.

A Reiki is done with the client on a massage table, comfortable clothing is suggested. A Reiki practitioner will apply light touch or hands-off where they will hold their hands slightly above the body.

Reiki Session is on special for $50 (normally $60)

Amber Alden - Level 3 Reiki Master / Practitioner

Amber began practicing Reiki shortly after experiencing the healing technique and its benefits. Amber’s intentions during a healing Reiki session is to utilize her energy and intuitive insight to release blockages in clients. These blockages are often displayed as physical and emotional pain. Amber is from Waukegan, IL where she lives with her family.

Massage therapy is one of the oldest forms of health care, yet it is costly and often looked at as a luxury. When Natural Balance Massage Therapy opened in 2010, the goal was to create a place where individuals could affordably experience many types of massage therapy to manage pain, decrease stress and increase wellbeing.

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